After strategies and propositions of the best ways to improve humanitarian assistance in the north west and south west of Cameroon, Academy of Excellence, the international humanitarian school, has launched a wide training grant program for more than 200 bilingual humanitarian professionals, who will benefit for job offer in these regions affected by the socio-political crisis.


The creation of emergency humanitarian assistance plan in the far North, North West and south west regions and the coordination center of humanitarian assistance by His Excellence Paul BIYA, President of the republic of Cameroon, in these affected regions, call us for more reactions.

The humanitarian emergency plan launched by Cameroon government aimed to reach the following strategic objectives:

  • Restore a living environment conducive to wellbeing and development of communities affected by the crisis in the North West and south west regions;
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to the needy population;
  • Ensure social and economic reinsertion of the affected population;
  • Promote social cohesion  and common living; 
  • Rebuild destroyed infrastructures.

It is to aim these objectives and accompany Cameroon authorities in the field that we launch this wide program of selection and training of 200 bilingual humanitarians by the end of the year 2021.

This special training will cover the following humanitarian domains:

  • Module 1: Norms and humanitarian intervention principles
  • Module 2: Human resource management;
  • Module 3: Financial project management;
  • Module 4: Security and safety of humanitarian workers
  • Module 5: Logistic management program;
  • Module 6: Projects and programs coordination;
  • Module 7: Child protection and education;
  • Module 8: Rebuilding, rehabilitation and WASH stake;
  • Module 9: Food security and nutrition;
  • Module 10: Community Health care;
  • Module 11: Humanitarian Focus and certifications.


  • Can be candidate, all Cameroonians speaking English and or French; holder at least GCE A/L, Baccalaureat or all other equivalent diploma;
  • Candidates have to be motivated, available and engaged to follow their training seriously without interruption;
  • Each candidate must have a computer and internet connection for his /her training;
  • Candidates must have a valid e-mail address and active Skype account for the     communications and humanitarian certifications;
  • Each candidate will receive the end of training certificate delivered by Academy of Excellence;
  • The grant covers only 50 percent of the training fees. The application study fees, the registration fees and the other 50 percent of the training fees will be supported by each selected candidate.
  • Academy of Excellence could recommend candidates to Non-Governmental Organization for the possibilities of practical internships. We ask support from the government and humanitarian NGOs based in the far North, North West and south west in other to realize this training program which is judged very important for our country.


The 200 candidates will be selected as follow:

  • The first promotion of 50 candidates in January 2020;
  • The second promotion of 50 candidates in April 2020;
  • The third promotion of 50 candidates in August 2020;
  • The fourth and the last promotion of 50 candidates in January 2021.


  • Trainers are professionals with good experience in their domain of intervention. They will train either in English or in French.
  • The training program will cover six months as from the date of beginning of each session.
  • During each session, there will be regular assessments for each training module. The end of training exam will be organized at Academy of excellence headquarter Douala in order to evaluate the competence of each candidate.


The application must contain the following documents:

  • C.V with 4×4 size picture and the motivation letter explaining how the present training can help the candidate in his or her professional career;
  • A photocopy of the birthday certificate;
  • A photocopy of the national identity card;
  • A photocopy of academic diplomas (minimum GCE A/L or Baccalaureat)
  • The payment note of the application study fees which is 7.500 CFAF. The payment of the application study fees will be done at ECOBANK:
  • BANK CODE                         : 10029
  • COUNTER CODE                : 00002
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER             : 01329346301
  • KEY RIB                                  : 68
  • IBAN ACCOUNT                    : CM21 10029 00002 01329346301 68
  • INTERNAL REFERENCE                  : 0020132629346301
  • SWIFT                                                 : ECOCCMCX

P.O.BOX 582 Douala – Cameroon

N.B. Scan and send your payment note of application study fees with your application.

  • You can also pay your application study fees through Orange/MTN Mobile Money to these phone numbers: +237 690 82 74 74 / 672 81 60 60. Send after payment your whole name by sms to the same phone numbers. You can also pay directly when you deposit your physical application at the headquarter of Academy of Excellence and ask for its receipt.
  • The application for the candidacy will be send to this email address: or deposit a physical documents with the candidate address at the headquarter of Academy of Excellence situated at Rond-Point Dakar, Douala-Cameroon, second floor, Afriland first bank building.
  • Applications send by e-mail must have in object: candidacy for special humanitarian selection, session of January 2020.
  • The reception dateline of the 50 first applications is 30th January 2019. All other application received after this date will be automatically considered for the next session.
  • A Skype interview with each candidate may be necessary in order to have more informations.


  • The list of the 50 first selected candidates will be published in our web site:, and will be communicated to each candidate by e-mail on the 5th of December 2019.
  • Candidates could register after being surely informed to his/her final selection.
  • The training for the first promotion will effectively begin on the 5th of January 2020 at the only center, Academy of Excellence based in Douala or elsewhere in the nearest future.


      For more information, contact us to these addresses:

N.B.: The female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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